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The SHARED SPECTROSCOPY AND KINETICS HUB of the Laboratory of Molecular Biophysics, located in Rm. 4351 of the Life Sciences Centre, augments the facilities of individual research groups at UBC by providing state-of-the-art spectroscopic equipment for the characterization of proteins and complex enzyme reaction mechanisms. Instruments currently available include :

2 Fluorimeters

Agilent Eclipse


ISS digital K2


UV/Vis absorption spectrophotometer

Agilent Cary 4000


CD spectrometer

Jasco J810 CD spectrometer


FT/IR-Raman spectrometer

Thermo-Nicolet Nexus 670 FT-IR Raman spectrometer


Stopped/Quench-flow spectrophotometer

BioLogic SFM400 with MOS-450 spectrometer


Follow the link on the instrument of interest for a description of the equipment and useful resources. Qualified members from academic research groups at U.B.C. are welcomed to reserve instrument time on-line by linking to calendar.yahoo.com. using the appropriate login name showm on column to the right. Industrial research staff is also welcomed to use these facilities but must contact the Hub Manager to arrange access to the laboratory.


Fred Rosell
Room 4351
Life Sciences Centre
2350 Health Sciences Mall
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z3