Agilent Cary 4000 Spectrophotometer

Measure high-resolution absorption spectra of solutions (200-900 nm), slow enzyme kinetics, and thermal stabilities of up to six samples with this spectrophotometer, which is equipped with a six-by-six Peltier-thermostatted sample changer. A sample holder for films and other suitable solid samples is also available. For detailed information regarding the Cary 4000 please consult the the Agilent website for this spectrophotometer.

First-time users please contact the hub manager to arrange for training on the use of this instrument. Qualified users can book instrument time online with the user name cary_UBC. On the day(s) of your experiment(s), you will need to bring with you the following supplies :


  • cleared samples (centrifuged or filtered)
  • quartz cuvettes*
  • pipetters and pipet tips
  • Parafilm
  • cleaning solutions (water, detergents, acid, alcohol, etc.)
  • Kimwipes (preferably lint-free)
  • USB flash drive(s)
  • printer paper

*** Please do not use clear semi-micro cuvettes (e.g., 114-10-40) for your measurements***

The configuration of the spectrometer and sample changer are such that significant distortion of the spectra may occur when using this type of cuvette. To record spectra of low volume samples use properly masked semi/micro cuvettes (e.g., Hellma 114B-10-40 or 105-200-85-40, Starna 9B-SOG-10 or Thorlabs CV10Q700).