Bio-Logic Stopped/Quench-flow Spectrometer

The BioLogic Stopped-flow spectrophotometer of the LMB Spectroscopy and Kinetics facility is equipped with a computer-driven, four-syringe multimixer (SFM-400) with variable delay modules and observation chambers, a MOS-450 spectrophotometer, two fast PMT detectors and a TIDAS MMS-16 diode array detector that together allow the user to monitor the progress of chemical reactions in absorbance and/or fluorescence modes. Alternatively, reactions can be quenched chemically or by rapid freezing for collection and analysis offsite.

First-time users please contact the hub manager to arrange for training on the use of this instrument. Qualified users can book instrument time online with the user name Biologic UBC .

On the day(s) of your experiment(s), you will need to bring with you the following supplies :



  • cleared samples and reagents (filtered or centrifuged )-degassing may be beneficial
  • 20 ml syringes
  • pipetters and pipet tips
  • Parafilm
  • cleaning solutions (water, detergents, acid, alcohol, etc.)
  • Kimwipes (preferably lint-free)
  • USB thumbdrive(s)
  • printer paper